Conscious holiday


Choose a holiday on a farm means wanting to discover, know and relive the rhythms of a life marked by the needs of the animals, from the rising of the sun and the falling rain. Living an authentic experience and feel at home.

The farm is a new form of hospitality that’s aim is to promote our Alpine and rural culture, strongly linked to the agricultural work and to the care of our territory. The alpine landscape and its imagery are maintained daily by the work of farmers and ranchers who with their work care campaigns, sfalciano meadows and pastures and maintain clean and green valleys.

The agri-tourism is regulated by specific rules and allows farms to supplement their income and improve to offer consumers genuine increasingly higher quality products.

Environmentally conscious, we used a source of renewable energy and low-polluting, wood chips, for heating and to produce hot water in an environmentally friendly way and for the electricity we use a photovoltaic system.

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