Love for nature


Farm is the farmer’s house. The farmer is the one who does and creates.
For us, the farm is a magical place where humans, plants and animals together and help to create new forms and colors.

The farm is the birth of a calf and mom calling him strong, the crowing of the cock, the planting of the potatoes and the horse that pulls the plow, cutting the hay to be collected before it reaches the rain, the kid spite eats the flowers in the manicured flower beds, dog herding cows, the shepherd whistling, the cheese maker that heats the milk, the pig squealing for the serum, the mature manure to be returned to the pastures, the donkey is born with bangs, cabbage round that now must be harvested, the olives are ready to give a high-quality oil, apples and sweet fall off the branch, wild herbs and pine cones to be collected, the sweet smell when the steam flowers ricotta and the acid of the yogurt, cream that rises and if the samples and close your eyes you find yourself in a flowery meadow …

Share yourself “What have you heard” on the farm.

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